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Perfume is for women something very special. The right scent completes the outfit, emphasizes your individual charisma and gives you self-confidence. However, choosing the right favorite fragrance is not always easy. We'll help you find your new fragrance that suits you best. Let us advise you personally. The online shop also offers a practical filter function with which you can find your fragrance twin.

Buy fragrance twins for women online

Fragrance twins or Parfum-Dupes are alternatives to mostly more expensive branded fragrances. At ÉCLAT, we have specialized in the production of these fragrance alternatives. You will find a large selection of twin fragrances with us. You can easily find your fragrance twin in our online shop. Just ask us about an alternative for your favorite fragrance. We will then give you the appropriate number from ÉCLAT. The fragrance alternative is a fragrance that was created by us. Due to a similar top, heart and base note, the fragrance twin can be reminiscent of well-known fragrances. If you want to browse yourself, our filter function will help you. For example, choose the fragrance notes that your favorite fragrance contains. You will already be shown which fragrance from ÉCLAT contains similar fragrances.

top, heart and base note

A perfume is an elaborate composition of different notes. The individual fragrances such as vanilla, jasmine, amber, wood, musk, etc. form a three-level fragrance composition with top, heart and base, which is also called the fragrance pyramid. Every fragrance essentially consists of these three building blocks. The division also gives you an overview of how your scent changes over the course of the day.

The top note is the first thing you notice when you spray your fragrance twin. It is the first impression of a perfume. After a short time, the top note disappears again and makes room for the heart of the fragrance.

The heart note unfolds after the top note and lasts significantly longer. It describes the core of your perfume and thus makes up a large part of the composition.

The base note forms the foundation of the perfume. The notes of the base are still perceptible many hours after spraying on and gently fade away.

Popular fragrances for women

How should your new perfume smell? In the filter function of the online shop you can filter according to the direction of the fragrance and thus find your new favorite fragrance. These are the most popular fragrances among women.

floral fragrances for women are as versatile and timelessly beautiful as the world of flowers itself. Under this fragrance you will find a wide variety of fragrances from fresh and spring-like fragrances to opulent flower bouquets to elegant rose perfumes. Women love flowers. Not only in the vase, but also on the skin.

Fresh fragrances for women are particularly suitable for everyday use. They are invigorating and refreshing, but never intrusive. Especially if you are looking for a fragrance for the office, you are never wrong with fresh fragrances.

Fruity women's fragrances are happy and playful. Thanks to the varied variety of fruits, our range also offers the right fragrance for every fruit or berry taste. The perfumes can be tangy, tart and sour or juicy and sweetit gives off aroma.

Woody scents are elegant and mysterious at the same time. Men love woody notes on women. They radiate warmth and sensuality, like a harmonious walk in the forest or the golden autumn sun.

Powdery fragrances for women lie gently and lightly on the skin. The silky feeling of fine powder is created by a delicate interplay of mossy, woody and sweet elements.

Sweet perfumes convey well-being for every day, but are also extremely suitable for special occasions. That's why sweet perfumes are also very popular with women.

Which women's perfumes in which season?

With the new season we also long for a change in fragrance. No wonder: after all, every season of the year has its own charm and aromas. Which fragrance you like best is of course a matter of preference regardless of the season. However, certain women's fragrances were simply created for a specific time of the year.

Perfumes for spring
Spring fragrances for women are fresh, floral and green. The flowers are sprouting, the birds are chirping and the long-awaited sun is finally shining again. Like the awakening of spring, the scent we wear during this time should be invigorating and cheerful. Scent twins that smell of grass, citrus fruits or spring flowers are ideal.

Perfumes for the summer
Summer perfumes for women are light and sunny like the season itself. Juicy summer fruits and aquatic sea sprinkles are the ideal summer fragrances. Carefree and tempting, the fragrances are reminiscent of vacation and lightness. Summer fruits such as cherries or peaches smell of ripe fruit and green meadows.

Perfumes for autumn
Rustling leaves, golden rays of sunshine and warm colors - autumn has a lot to offer, including scents. Autumn perfumes for women are sensual and warm. Woody aromas and spicy notes are popular. But also floral scents carry the warming feeling of late summer into autumn.

Perfumes for the winter
Winter perfumes for women bring aromatic spices, sweet delicacies and oriental aromas with them. It gets cold and dark outside and our perfumes make your heart feel warm and cozy.

What is an Eau de Parfum?

Fragrances differ in their concentration ratio of water, alcohol and fragrances. The intensity and shelf life of the fragrance depend on the concentration of the fragrance oil in the perfume. With a fragrance oil content of 15%, our fragrance twins belong to the class of eau de parfums. This classification is common for perfumes:

Extrait de Parfum
The Extrait de Parfum has a fragrance concentration of 15-40%. Even a small amount is particularly intense and perceptible for a long time.

Eau de Parfum (EdP)
The eau de parfum is just as expressive with 8-15%. Depending on whether it contains fresher or stronger fragrances, the Eau de Parfum lasts about 4-8 hours on the skin.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)
The eau de toilette is the lighter version. The perfume is significantly more airy and lighter thanks to a fragrance oil content of a maximum of 8%. As a rule, this variant has a shelf life of 3–4 hours.

Eau de Cologne (EDC)
The Eau de Cologne has a maximum fragrance oil content of 5% the freshest and lightest scented water. The shelf life is approx. 2 hours and must therefore be refreshed more often.

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