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Items 1 - 20 of 60

Unisex perfumes for him and her

For her, for him, for everyone! For many years, unisex fragrances have shown that a good perfume does not need drawers. In many areas such as fashion or cosmetics, “unisex” is a current trend that is becoming increasingly popular. More and more gender-neutral fragrances combine the best aromas that the fragrance world of men's and women's fragrances has to offer in modern compositions. Put old rules aside and try great unisex fragrances now. In addition to the classics for him and her, there are also special niche fragrances and rare rarities to discover among the unisex perfumes.

What are the characteristics of a unisex perfume?

While some perfumes have very flowery or rather bitter scents than classically feminine or typical male, there are also many fragrance notes that work for both sexes. Unisex compositions go one step further and are not committed to any gender. Without dominating in a particular fragrance, these perfumes can be worn wonderfully by women and men alike. A scent always develops individually on the skin. A real unisex perfume is just as suitable for men as it is for women and has an attractive effect on both genders! A unisex perfume also has the advantage that it can be shared with your partner. Couples only need to take one perfume with them on vacation, which they can both use.

The golden mean: unisex fragrances

Because a unisex perfume is right in the middle, it offers both sexes exactly what they lack in pure women's or men's perfumes. Unisex perfumes always fit and can not only be worn by everyone, but also for every occasion. Whether for a romantic dinner for two, a party or just in everyday life.

Why does perfume smell everybody else s?

Although our selection of unisex fragrance twins can be worn by women and men, this does not mean that the scent smells the same on both. Perfume is generally perceived differently depending on the wearer. But why is that actually? A perfume consists of many different fragrances that mix with the individual's own smell. It can be that the same scent is perceived very differently on two people. This phenomenon is particularly true of unisex fragrances.

top, heart and base notes - this is how our fragrance twins are structured

An Eau de Parfum can often be divided into a top note, a heart note and a base note. These are responsible for how a fragrance develops in its course.

The top note of the fragrance
A perfume opens with the top note. This describes the scent immediately after it is applied to the skin for the first time. Since it is the first thing that is perceived of a perfume, it is largely responsible for the first impression.

the heart of the perfume
The heart note appears in the fragrance twin when the intense top note has evaporated. As the core of the perfume, it is largely responsible for the character of the fragrance.

Base of the fragrance
The base note is the conclusion of the perfume or what remains of the fragrance for the longest. Due to their often heavier scent notes, they also last the longest and are noticeable on the skin many hours after the first spray.

Of course, even unisex fragrances cannot always be clearly divided into these three grades.Some fragrances do not show such a gradient and smell consistently over the entire lifespan.

Buy unisex perfumes quickly and easily online - at ÉCLAT

Whether spicy, sweet, fresh or flowery: you will find it in the ÉCALT online shop Unisex perfume that suits you best. With the practical filter function, you can sort the offer by fragrance note, fragrance direction and character with just a few clicks.

If you have any questions or cannot find your fragrance twin despite the filter, you can always contact our customer service. This is available to you via e-mail, live chat or Whatsapp service.

A wonderful gift

Men and women have one thing in common: They are always happy about a high-quality fragrance . You will also find the right gift for your loved ones in our unisex fragrances. Whether as a present for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary or any other jubilee day - with a high-quality fragrance twin you are always right! Have a look at our unisex bestsellers.

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