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Items 1 - 20 of 35

Perfume linked to emotions and memories 

Fragrances have always been known as very special carriers of emotions and memories. It's one of the many qualities that gives the world of fragrances that particular allure. In a matter of seconds, a scent can bring past memories back to life and bring out the emotions associated with them. 

This characteristic of fragrances is also the reason why the fragrance twins in our rarities collection are so popular. A special perfume can bring great days and beautiful moments back to life. It can awaken long-gone memories and let us revel in them. This means that the fragrance twins in the ÉCLAT rarities collection in particular are so much more than "just" a fragrance.

You can also consciously preserve memories with the help of perfumes and scents. For example, if you wear a certain scent on your summer vacation in Italy, that scent will forever remind you of that time in your life. If you smell the fragrance even after many years, you are immediately in a beautiful moment again. Create scent anchors and capture your memories in the bottle. 

Rarities: rare perfumes and rare fragrances

Women's fragrance twins that fall under the "rarities" category are alternatives to certain fragrances that have already been removed from the range. They have either not been available for a short time or have been for several decades. So if you are looking for a women's fragrance that is no longer available, then you have come to the right place with our rare fragrance twins. 

If the production of your favorite fragrance has been discontinued or the fragrance's recipe has been changed, only fragrance twins from the ÉCLAT rarities collection will help. 

Find fragrance twins for women at ÉCLAT

The world of women's rarities is big. First you have to be clear about which scents or scents you want for your fragrance twin. Ladies' rarities from ÉCLAT can take the most diverse forms and very different characters. For example, our large range includes aquatic women's fragrances, flowery women's fragrances, creamy women's fragrances, fresh and fruity women's fragrances, oriental women's fragrances, sweet women's fragrances, spicy women's fragrances and powdery women's fragrances. With the right perfume you can also underline a character trait that you want to emphasize. For example, a perfume can be particularly exotic, classic, delicate and feminine, mysterious, romantic, glamorous, sensual, radiant or sporty and casual. You can select all these properties with our helpful filter function to find the fragrance twin that suits you best. 

Scent twin rarities as gifts 

Give yourself or your loved ones great women's fragrances from the ÉCLAT rarity collection for women. Order fragrance twins for women online now. 

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