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Items 1 - 20 of 57

Rarities: rare perfumes and rare fragrances

Rarities describe perfume dupes and fragrance twins for fragrances that are no longer commercially available. In our online shop for perfumes you will find exactly these fragrances again. Many people know the problem: You have found your favorite fragrance for years and suddenly it is no longer available because space has to be made for new products. The production of the favorite fragrance is discontinued. Or your favorite fragrance has received a new formula and no longer smells like it used to. With us you have the opportunity to discover selected fragrance classics at a reasonable price and to order them online. We offer you great fragrance alternatives to perfumes that don't actually exist anymore. 

Perfumes brought to life

We bring old perfume classics and long-lost treasures back to life. In the ÉCLAT rarities collection you will only find well-known fragrances that are no longer available in stores. There is hardly a greater treasure than finding your favorite scent that you thought you had lost. Just ask us about an alternative to your favorite fragrance, even if it has actually not been available for sale for many years or decades. Maybe we have a fragrance twin in our range that took your coveted fragrance as a model when it was created. Embark on an olfactory journey of the senses and experience scents and perfumes from a bygone era. 

Reissue Nightflight

The men's fragrance ÉCLAT 774 Nightflight is a wonderful example of our captivating collection of rarities. With this, a very popular and coveted fragrance for men was brought back to life by us. Men who know and love this fragrance now have the opportunity to rediscover this fragrance with us.

Fragrances full of memories and perfumes full of emotions

The reason why rarities among fragrances are so coveted and popular is that fragrances carry memories and emotions. This unique ability makes the world of fragrances very special. A certain perfume can bring great days and beautiful moments back to life. It can awaken long-gone memories and let us revel in them. The collector's items are real treasures, fragrant pieces of jewelery and nostalgia in the form of a perfume. Their rarity value and rarity make them incredibly valuable to individuals. Fragrance twins from the rarities collection are so much more than "just" a fragrance. 

This is how you find the right fragrance rarity

Whether you are looking for the perfect rarity for yourself or as a gift for another loved one - we are happy to help you find your way into the world of perfume Find your way around rarities and find your scent treasure. 

When shopping online, our helpful filter function makes it easier for you to search for specific scents, so that you can quickly find your long-lost favorite scent tailored to your needs. If you know which fragrances must be included in your fragrance twin, you can select them quickly and easily in the filter. If we have a suitable fragrance twin in our range, it will then be displayed to you. 

If you don't know exactly which scents were in your favorite fragrance, you can contact our friendly and competent customer service. Write us an email, a Whatsapp message or write to us in the live chat. We will answer you as soon as possible and are always happy to help you. Simply ask us for an alternative to your desired fragrance and we will emrecommend you the right number from ÉCLAT.

Find and shop perfume rarities online now! 

Rare fragrance twins - a wonderful place to browse and indulge

Of course, the rarities collection also offers the opportunity to simply browse and discover something new or old. You are not looking for a very specific fragrance twin or dupe? Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take a look around in this section. Full of rich variety and different fragrance facets, great fragrance highlights can be found here that not everyone has.  Treat yourself and your loved ones to a fragrant surprise with the classics and highlights that the world of fragrances has to offer. 

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