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Items 1 - 20 of 35

Perfume rarities and rare fragrances

In our rarity collection you will find fragrance twins for perfumes that no longer exist. Often, fragrances are suddenly removed from the range. Remaining stocks are hard to come by and usually very costly. We're bringing some of these fragrances back to life.

In the course of their lives, many women discover this one fragrance that suits them best. The fragrance that reflects your own personality and always puts you in a good mood. It can often happen that this is no longer available or that it has been reformulated in such a way that it is simply no longer the fragrance that it used to be. Your favorite perfume was discontinued recently or even years ago? Your fragrance has been reformulated and you are looking for the fragrance twin to an older variant? Perhaps you will rediscover your lost favorite fragrance in our rarity collection.

Of course you can also just browse through the twin rarities and find a completely new favorite fragrance that not everyone has . The ÉCLAT rarities collection shines with a rich variety of very special fragrances.

The most wonderful gift

Fragrances carry memories and emotions . A certain perfume can bring great days and beautiful moments back to life. The collector's items are real treasures, fragrant pieces of jewelry and nostalgia turned into perfume. Valuable, rare and rare.

You will find many of these fragrances in our rarity collection for women. Discover your long-lost signature scent or your mother's favorite scent when she was young. Try the fragrance that your grandmother wore to her wedding that is no longer in production. Find old classics and rare fragrances. A fragrance rarity is also a wonderful gift for your loved one. What joy is greater than rediscovering something that has long been believed to have been lost? Awaken the best memories with the rarities from ÉCLAT and make dreams come true again.

Rare fragrance twins and perfume dupes

Fragrance twins from our rarities Collection are not just alternatives to more expensive branded fragrances. Rare fragrance twins enable you to find rare fragrances and regain fragrances that are no longer available. The rare pieces are very popular, but you can still get them at ÉCLAT at a fair and affordable price. At ÉCLAT, we specialize in the production of twin fragrances. Like all other ÉCLAT fragrances, our rarities are our own creations, but can be reminiscent of well-known fragrances due to their similar top, heart and base notes.

The rare fragrances are produced in Germany. All perfumes from ÉCLAT contain a fragrance oil content of 15% and thus belong to the class of "Eau de Parfums".

Try out rarities

Did you know that you can get every ÉCLAT fragrance too as a 2 ml sample can be ordered at home for testing? We will fill you the fragrance of your choice for just € 1.00 each as a sample. Shipping is free for you. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email, Whatsapp or live chat. Please note, however, that this option cannot be offered during major promotions.

This is how you can find the right fragrance rarity

Are you looking for a very specific rarity? No matter whether you are looking for a rare fragrance alternative for yourself or someone else as a gift, we will help you to orientate yourself in the world of perfume rarities and to find your fragrance treasure.

When shopping online, our useful filters make it easier for you to search for specific fragrances, so that you can quickly find your favorite perfume that suits your needs find. If you know exactly which fragrances should be included in your fragrance, you can select them quickly and easily. If we have a matching fragrance twin in our range, it will then be displayed to you.

If you do not know exactly which fragrance notes were contained in your favorite fragrance, you can contact our competent customer service. Write us an email, a Whatsapp message or speak to us in the live chat. We will answer you as soon as possible and are always happy to help. Just ask us about an alternative to the fragrance you want and we will recommend the appropriate number from ÉCLAT.

Browse for yourself, use our filter function or get advice from our competent customer service. Incidentally, with every order in our online shop you will receive three wonderfully fragrant free samples. Maybe the inspiration for your next favorite fragrance.

Find rare perfumes online now and shop!

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