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Niche fragrances and luxury perfumes

The VIP collection from ÉCLAT includes unusual and special fragrance twins with expensive ingredients and very special fragrances. Precious and unmistakable, the valuable elixirs often contain unusual and exclusive ingredients that are creatively combined. This creates real treasures and fragrant specialties. Often they deviate significantly from known fragrances and are therefore as unique as the person who wears them.

What distinguishes niche fragrances?

Niche fragrances are creative works of art, created from the vision of a perfumer without becoming attached Trends or the mainstream. This creates perfumes that are characterized by the highest quality and maximum individuality. Particularly exquisite and expensive ingredients such as ambroxan, myrrh or oud are often used. The special essences immediately convey a certain olfactory luxury that cannot be compared with anything. Top, heart and base notes can often be more clearly and more clearly differentiated from each other in exclusive fragrances.

The exclusive fragrance twins from ÉCLAT are created for fragrance lovers who want to impress with their uniqueness. This makes them ideal for underlining the personality of the wearer.

Exclusive fragrance twins - your personal trademark

The valuable, exclusive fragrances convince with a long course and a large number of facets. When applied to the skin, an individual fragrance experience develops that perfectly underlines your personality. We make the world of luxury fragrances an experience for everyone. With fair prices without sacrificing quality. Make yourself unforgettable with your unmistakable and individual trademark of ÉCLAT.
With our helpful filter function, you can quickly and easily find the exclusive fragrance that suits you best. Filters according to very special scent notes, according to a certain scent direction, or a character trait that you want to underline. The right luxury fragrances will be suggested to you by ÉCLAT.

Noble fragrances for him and her: You're right on trend

Noble niche fragrances are becoming increasingly popular. Many people strive for individuality and are looking for something new and special. The desire to be perceived as a unique personality increases with many people. This means that in addition to classics, rarer fragrances from niche perfumes are increasingly in trend. Discover a large and varied selection of niche fragrances for women, niche fragrances for men and great unisex fragrances at ÉCLAT. Diverse fragrances for every taste. Give your uniqueness a fragrant note with the luxury fragrances from ÉCLAT!

Test niche fragrances and luxury perfumes

In the world of individual and distinctive fragrances, it is not always easy to find the to find the right fragrance for you. You just can't decide which fragrance from the exclusive collection suits you? If you just want to dive into the world of fragrant luxury, we recommend our selection of exclusive sample sets. Available with 15 exclusive women's or men's fragrances or with 15 exclusive unisex fragrances, the sets invite you to get to know the niche fragrances from ÉCLAT.
Contains 15 of our best and most popular luxury and niche fragrances. Diverse fragrances full of luxury and glamor that can be tested directly on the skin. You might also discover your next favorite fragrance. Thanks to their particularly high-quality presentation, the exclusive sample sets are also ideal as gifts for all your loved ones.

Give away luxury

The exclusive ÉCLAT fragrance collection is created for the big and small appearances in life. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a moment of luxury for your skin. A pleasure for everyone who is only satisfied with the best. Convince with a unique and unforgettable gift. The exclusive perfumes from ÉCLAT with their noble fragrances surround their wearers with a glamorous and exciting shimmer.

Buy the best niche fragrances online at ÉCLAT

Browse through the world of luxury fragrances yourself, use our helpful filter function or let yourself be advised by our competent customer service. Just ask us in live chat, by email or via our Whatsapp service for an alternative to your niche or luxury fragrance. You will already find the inexpensive twin scent for your favorite luxury scent. With every order in our online shop you will receive three wonderfully fragrant free samples. Maybe the inspiration for your next signature fragrance.

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