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Make-up: Show your personality

Women and make-up is a love story that has been going on for many thousands of years. Even in ancient times, Roman women liked to emphasize their eyes with dark mascara. And even today, mascara is still one of the most popular products in decorative cosmetics.

Why are cosmetics so popular with women in particular?

With the right make-up you underline your personality and your individuality. Depending on the mood, occasion, trend or season, different colors and looks are particularly in demand. You decide whether you want a simple day make-up or an exciting evening look. Your face is your canvas. Discover our cosmetic basics and must-haves in our new make-up collection now.

Make-up products from ÉCLAT - your must-haves

At ÉCLAT you can now also find a selection of beauty products and make-up products for Eyes and lips.

A breathtaking eye make-up

The eyes don't just take you very seriously central place on your face, but are also one of your most expressive features. It is not for nothing that the eyes are also called the window to the soul. So it is worth highlighting them and emphasizing them nicely. You can put your eyelashes in the limelight with the right mascara and give them unbelievable curl, maximum length and gorgeous volume in no time at all. Only you know what your eyelashes need to be perfect. A separating mascara like the ÉCLAT Contour makes your eyelashes appear longer and more defined. You can achieve more density and fullness with a volume mascara such as the ÉCLAT Volume Mascara. Our ÉCLAT Curl Mascara can offer you a dramatic sweep up to the length.

The right mascara

Our mascaras are experts in their field . Definition, volume or curve - how would you like to present your eyelashes today? Inking the eyelashes is a science in itself. Many women swear by the right combination of different mascaras. You too can find your eyelash routine that is perfect for your needs.

The right make-up for your lips

Everyone has different benefits to it worth emphasizing. Many women put emphasis on their lips in particular. Colored lips make you look particularly feminine. From seductive to romantic, many different looks can be created with our wide range of liquid lipsticks. Painted lips have a huge impact on the entire makeup look. The color accent is a real eye-catcher and makes your face appear fresh and friendly. Our liquid lipsticks are perfect to complete your look.

The perfect kissable mouth

You get the perfect kissable mouth with the intense and covering colors of the ÉCLAT Velvet Lipcreams in a matt finish. There are almost no limits to the choice of color: With us you will find the right shade for every occasion. From subtle nude tones for everyday life to strong pink or bright red - the numerous colors in our range ensure that every face is given a special expression. The matt finish of Velvet Lipcream, a high-quality liquid lipstick, makes a particularly meaningful statement.

Which look for which occasion?

So decorative cosmetics are a great tool to give yourself even more expression and to consciously underline your feminine attractiveness. Of course, we love the natural beauty of every woman. Nevertheless, the right beauty products give us even more self-confidence.

Make-up is used by women every day. During the day in particular, a more subtle look is often preferred. Beautiful nude and delicate pink tones perform best in everyday life and in the office. They underline our natural beauty, but are so subtle that they don't seem intrusive.

In the evening and at night, decorative cosmetics can also be a little more intense. Many women like to use intense and dark tones on this occasion. Extra thick and long eyelashes and a deep shade of red on the lips spray a seductive touch of glamor in the evening.

Sometimes completely natural and discreet, sometimes extravagant and sensational: With the cosmetic articles from ÉCLAT there are no limits to the individual look set.

Buy make-up online at ÉCLAT

Underline your natural beauty and emphasize your advantages with decorative cosmetics from ! Try out new beauty highlights and find new cosmetic must-haves.

With us you can order your new favorite products quickly and easily with just a few clicks directly to your home.

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