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This perfume is sweet-floral and gorgeously creamy. Neroli, tiare and rosewood melt into a wonderful, sunny and seductive fragrance.
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Delightful fragrance with a sweet promise
It is a mild summer evening, the sun is already low in the sky, but has not yet completely set. I'm sitting on the veranda, which is covered with fresh, shiny red wood. Warmed by the sun and noble, the wood smells tart and spicy. I take a sip of the cool orange juice from the gold-rimmed crystal glass. Today was a beautiful day, some sunscreen still shimmers on my slightly tanned skin. It's slowly getting cooler, but I'll stay here as long as the sun exudes a gentle warmth. The sweet, honey-like scent of the tiare flowers gently wafts over from the garden. I am mild and easy. I am creamy and sexy. I'm ÉCLAT 182. This eau de parfum is sweet-floral and gorgeously creamy. The three components neroli, tiaré and rosewood merge into a wonderful, sunny and seductive fragrance.
The neroli obtained from the blossoms of the bitter orange has an aromatic, delicate-floral and fresh-green scent that is reminiscent of the tangy fruits. The scent note is integrated in the head and heart.
The rosewood known as "Rosewood" is not exactly common: especially when fresh it has floral notes and has a heavenly scent of roses ...
tiaré flower
tiaré flower
The aesthetic tiare flower is not only the symbol of Tahiti, but also a coveted fragrance. The Tiaré impresses with its stimulating, exotic-sweet character in both women's and men's fragrances.
top note:
base note:
Simplicity and Perfection
The classics are presented in a minimalist design and elegant packaging with gold embossing. The simplicity of the crystal clear bottle with the high-quality magnetic closure underlines the extraordinary character of its contents.
The art of
Apply the Eau de Parfum intuitively to the skin or the inner lining of the clothing and freshen up as the mood takes you.
Telka 2
Meet the ÉCLAT Women
The right fragrance for every character. ÉCLAT Classics are modern, varied and underline the wonderful femininity in all its facets.
Discover the beauty and diversity of our fragrant world of women's classics. For yourself or for others. Find the one fragrance that suits you best or the perfect gift for all the wonderful women in your life. Every woman is different. We celebrate individuality and character. Show your strength with ÉCLAT. Face the challenges of everyday life. Free. Spontaneous. Open minded. Underline your personality with your unique signature fragrance. During the day or in the evening. In the office or on a first date. It has never been so nice to be yourself!
A promise of happiness
Experience ÉCLAT Classics in all its different facets. Fragrances that make you happy.
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